Employee Rewards

Did you receive great service from one of our employees?   We want to know so that we can reward them!

At the end of each year, we will take your feedback and choose an employee to be recognized for their outstanding service to New Vision Co-op and our communities.   Not everyone looks for recognition and we want your help to look for those hidden gems that you have noticed so that we can notice!

Employee Rewards

Let us know if one of our employees at New Vision has done something outstanding and should be recognized.
  • The name of the employee you would like to recognize. If you don't know their name, please give a description or department.
  • Describe the type of service that was provided. Examples, phone service, customer service, technology service, field service, sales, work at a grain elevator, etc.
  • Describe why you think this employee should be recognized.
  • We may contact you via email or phone to discuss your nomination further if needed.
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