Feed Overview


New Vision was born in 1999 from the merger of two strong, service-focused, community-based cooperatives—Prairieland and Consolidated. Each cooperative brought into the new union a feed mill (Prairieland/Windom and Consolidated/Worthington) and a commitment to the feed business.




The mission of the New Vision feed division is simple: To be the highest quality feed supplier in the area, producing feeds designed to meet the producer’s production goals.

With mills in Worthington, Magnolia and Windom, and a fleet of delivery trucks, New Vision is a full-service feed supplier. We produce bases and concentrates, complete feeds, and starters for swine, dairy, beef, sheep and poultry. We also carry an extensive line of bagged feeds for equine and companion animal customers.

Count on New Vision to bring you Service and Value Every Day.

Vision Statement

We, as a manufacturer and distributor of animal and poultry feeds and ingredients, are committed to manufacturing and delivering consistent high-quality feed value at a competitive price for top-quality home appliances near my location. This will be accomplished through a team effort by the ongoing monitoring and improving of manufacturing and accounting processes through an HACCP Program.

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