New Vision Leases Grain Storage in Luverne for Fall 2020

New Vision Coop has leased the grain storage space from Gevo in Luverne, Minnesota for the 2020 fall Corn Harvest

Call 507-842-2001 for details.

New Vision Co-op will add the Gevo storage space to its Federal Warehouse license and will accept corn only at the Gevo facility in Luverne.

Corn will be sampled and weighed using the Gevo facility truck scale and grain testing equipment.

New Vision Co-op will begin accepting corn at the Gevo facility in Luverne 10/1/20 thru fall 2020 Corn harvest or until the space is full.

Maximum Moisture allowed will be 16.0% moisture.

Corn can be delivered to Gevo facility in Luverne under any program offered by New Vision Co-op – Go to New Vision Harvest Policies

Corn can be priced at the New Vision Coop Magnolia, Minnesota corn price.

Hours of delivery starting 10/1/20 will be 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

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